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Friday, May 12, 2006

Where To Find The Most Profitable Adsense Tips

I have found that my most profitable Adsense tips have tended to come from just two sources. Again and again I have been able to mine real gold from these two sites.

Fascinatingly enough both sites are blogs and very popular blogs at that. One is in fact the official blog for the Adsense program and what I really like about it apart from it being my source for some of my most profitable Adsense tips is its' emphasis on case studies. Real life Adsense case studies that not only give me the most profitable Adsense tips but also serve to be a real inspiration. Those who are familiar with the Adsense program will know that especially when one is starting out, inspiration tends to be extremely important. It can be quite discouraging sometimes, before you have fully grasped Adsense. It is common for a new Adsense affiliate to put in a lot of hard work and then to end up with only a few miserable cents to show for their best efforts.

I also find that case studies are a marvelous way to learn anything. What excites me most about them is that the Adsense tips will tend to be very practical, no chance of finding theories in genuine case studies, little wonder that they end up being the most profitable Adsense tips that you will find anywhere.

The two blogs are;

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Ian F. said...

Thanks for your interesting post. I only came across the official AdSense blog yesterday and hadn't really read any of it - now I certainly will!

Anonymous said...

That was a good article.


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