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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Adsense Blog Tip: Adsense Ads Are A Hit Because They Are Not Ads

This Adsense blog tip will reveal an important truth that can help any blogger get creative enough to revolutionize their Adsense earnings forever.

For the sake of fully grasping this Adsense blog tip, try and think for a minute about how you usually react when you see an ad online. What are your feelings when an ad suddenly pops out after you've visited a site? Do you click on those colorful big banner ads that you come across? It is important that you answer these questions conclusively because when you do not, you will end up not understanding the full significance and impact this Adsense blog tip is capable of having on your online earnings.

The fact is that we all hate being advertised to. Who likes it when some people are aggressively trying to get our hard earned money out of our pockets? It is even worse when most of the time they're talking to us about stuff that we are not really interested in.

So the smart guys at Google who fully understand this created Google Ads. They were not really ads but links to more information that we first started seeing right next to search engines results for searches we did. Personally I must admit that I clicked away at them for a long time before I realized they were ads. And that is despite the clear line next to them that said "Ads by Google".

The obvious tip that you can use here is that the minute you stop looking at the ads in your Adsense blog as ads and instead treat them as links to more information for your visitors and readers, the more successful and prosperous you will be.
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